Flammspritzstrahl, Drahtflammspritzen mit Molybdaen

Coating of break discs

Beschichten von Bremsscheiben
Quelle: Praxair Service GmbH & Co. KG, Wiggensbach

The charcteristics of our spray coating you will find here: bero-speed 3702-fric

Repair of worn original:

Worn orginal break discs, e.g. from cranes, machine tools and wire drawing machines will be coated cost effective and can be ground, when needed. Long waiting times and high purchase costs do not arise.

OOptimisation of the adhesion factor:

Through the choice of the best coating materials the adhesion factor can be directed. Shorter breaking times as well as exact proportioning of breaking are characteristics of our coated machine break discs.

Coating of new parts:

Especially with new break discs is a coating interesting. The break characteristics of a coated disc improve immensely as to a purchased original.

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Regenerated break disc, the parts that should not be coated are masked, the slots will be fitted later.